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Friday, January 09, 2015

Why Kevin Randle has lost (some) respect and (lots of) cachet

Kevin Randle is one of those names in UFO-land that carries weight – not as much weight as it once had but still rather formidable in some UFO circles.

Mr. Randle has been trying, mightily, to correct his image as a sloppy UFO researcher by recently regurgitating correctives of the Roswell scenario, which he and Donald Schmitt, among others, botched by accepting witness testimony willy-nilly; that is, he (and his cohorts) took down Roswell stories as if they were gospel when, in fact, they were as dubious as the Christian Gospels, even more so.

Yet, Mr. Randle, via his blog [A Different Perspective], continues to allow comments, such as those I’ve placed in the posting just prior to this one.

The comments come from UFO loonies or UFO trolls/scum as Steve Sawyer without any disciplined editing, just carte blanche posting of crazy comments, whether from those cited or ET obsessed quidnuncs like David Rudiak,

Mr. Randle thinks, I believe, that if someone says something or writes something, those somethings have got be valid or credible.

This is what got him in trouble with the sensible UFO community about Roswell in his books.

Now he continues that mistake but allowing a “democratic” free-for-all at his blog where anyone can post something, anything, and it stands there as a viable example of truth, but is often hardly that, mostly just goofy-ass observations by UFO laggards hoping to become someone noted in Ufology – a sad desire, granted, but still wished for by some at the fringe of UFO lore and history.

Mr. Randle has got to tighten his grasp of UFO-related commentary, keeping fools out of his blog, and not interacting with their crazy ruminations.

If he doesn’t do that, he’ll descend further into the bowels of ufology where most former UFO UpDaters now reside, because they, too, got flippant and UFO insane.


Example(s) of how loony UFO devotees have become -- from Kevin Randle's blog 1/9/15

 Paul Young said...
You know, after spending the last few months reading this blog from the beginning. I'm fascinated by the knowledge of the UFO subject from both the ETH's (of which I tend to side with) and the sceptics who post here. I'm no researcher, simply an avid reader of the subject over the last few decades, but from what I can gather, the best explanation for why the disc/s crashed in the Roswell incident, is pilot error.

As mentioned by Starman, these beings certainly don't seem to be invincible. I mentioned earlier that if they are biological beings,which would seem to be the case, they probably can have an "off" day, same as us. Maybe they get tired, get hayfever...get "dear John" postcards from the missus.

KR jokingly mentioned above that "someone might have pressed the wrong button". That's not an outlandish theory to me. In one of the books in my vast collection...about 20 paperbacks :-( ... I remember reading an interesting point being made by the author (was it you Kevin?...might be Tim Good) that in some reported cases, the ufo's act like they are being piloted by juvenile delinquents secretly taking daddys car out for a drive. In the JAL case mentioned by Larry above, this UFO the size of two Nimitz class carriers was practically showing off!
Some reports suggest that UFO's could be accused of playing "chicken" with our pilots. Playfully buzzing them.

It's quite feasible to me that some,off colour, or cocky alien pilot could have made a "pigs ear" of it.
4:37 PM
Blogger John's Space said...
Based on a lot of reports of UFO aerial behavior it seems clear that a lot of their pilots are "hotdogs" in the cockpit.
5:34 PM