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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bryan Sentes brings us a revelatory posting by Eric Wargo

Our academic buddy Bryan Sentes brings to our attention, a post by another buddy, Eric Wargo at The Nightshirt:

Consciousness Inside-Out: Wormhole UFOs, the Hill Abduction, and Interstellar 



My position on "secrecy" -- governmental and ufological

This is a portion of a paper from Nucleonics about Nuclear Space Secrecy:
The whole paper may be found HERE.

The paper provides the view of Edward Teller and I use it, in conjunction with other advisories, to placate those who think that "UFO research" (or any research) should be private and secret, until its denouement.

The problem with some in the UFO milieu is that they want to pretend they are real researchers vetting something top secret when, in fact, they are only keeping material to themselves with the intent of capitalizing upon it, economically (personal gain) or to accrue a modicum of fame.