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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Socorro Insignia

Our colleague Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca asks, Was this the symbol Lonnie Zamora saw and drew (to the best of his ability) that allegedly appeared on the egg-shaped craft that landed and took off in Socorro in April 1964?
The image is (Senor Caravaca informs) “This emblem, placed in the center of a Triangle and Circle – both emblems of Deity – constitutes the jewel of the Royal Arch as practiced in England, where it is so highly esteemed as to be called the “emblem of all emblems,” and “the grand emblem of Royal Arch Masonry.”


The Socorro Event in a (bad?) documentary: UFOs; The Secret Evidence

The inestimable UFO researcher and archivist, Isaac Koi got into a discussion at UFO UpDates in 2005 with Joe McGonagle (noted Brit UFO researcher) and Nick Balaskas (Physics Laboratory Technologist/Instructor at York University) about a Nick Cook British TV documentary (that some of you may have seen on America's H2 Channel), UFOs: The Secret Evidence.

The whole back-and-forth is interesting but I've selected the section dealing with Lonnie Zamora's 1964 experience, wherein the solution or explanation for Officer Zamora's craft was cited by documentarian Cook as the Silverbug prototype, which you can read about via this Project 47 link (and others noted below): 

Here's the segment and critique that Mr. Koi provided to UFO UpDate readers:

"Nick Cook claimed to have "discovered" a number of secret projects which could account for UFO sightings. We had endless shots of him shining his flashlight around a dark room filled with piles of yellowing documents. On the few instances when he was prepared to deal with specific instances, some of the things included in the documentary were a bit... odd. For example, Lonnie Zamora's 1964 Socorro incident was one of the few sightings to get the full treatment - a reconstruction, complete with actor (not wearing any glasses...) and fairly impressive computer generated imagery (impressive at least by the usual standards of British documentaries). It's just a shame that the computer generated imagery had no resemblance whatsoever to the description given by Lonnie Zamora. The object zipping around the sky in the relevant reinactment was a classic disc-shaped UFO, which looked nothing like the numerous descriptions and sketches provided by Zamora. This is not a simply a minor gripe about an inaccuracy in the imagery used - Nick Cook proceeded to determine the probable identity of the object seen by Zamora on the basis of this (incorrect) shape. Nick Cook said "Buried in the depths of the archives, I've discovered blue prints which reveal something quite fantastic - a supersonic saucer. Called the Silverbug...", later stating "I believe Silverbug could explain what Lonnie Zamora witnessed ... His description of a silver disc-shaped object appears to fit in with the Silverbug profile".

So, Cook "discovered" the relevant blue prints "Buried in the depths of the archives" did he? Well, perhaps he should have done an internet search or read a few UFO books. Project Silver Bug was discussed, for example, by the following authors (including Cook himself in his 2001 book):

Campagna, Palmiro in his The UFO Files: The Canadian Connection
Exposed (1998) at pages 63-66, 73-77 (in Chapter 5), 147, 150
(in Chapter 10), 155 (in Chapter 11), 169 (in the Postscript) of
the Stoddart softcover edition.

Cook, Nick in his The Hunt for Zero Point (2001) at pages 73-
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hardback edition.

Hyland, Gary in his Blue Fires: The Lost Secrets of Nazi
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Matthews, Tim in his UFO Revelation (1999) at pages 69 (in
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Michaels, Susan in her Sightings: UFOs (1997) at page 34 (in
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Redfern, Nick and Roberts, Andy in their Strange Secrets: Real
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Sutherly, Curt in his UFO Mysteries: A Reporter Seeks the
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Also, the relevant blueprints were included in the 1955 joint
Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) - Wright Air
Development Center (WADC) technical report on Project Silver Bug
(covering Project Y and Project Y2). (Technical Report No. TR-
AC-47, project No. 9961.) Images of that report are available
online at:


The text of report is also available online at:


Further relevant links are available at:


The images used in the reconstruction of Zamora's sighting looked liked they could have been based on the Silver Bug blueprints. Any viewers of the documentary could reasonably conclude that the apparent similarity between those shapes was due to Zamora having seen a Project Silver Bug craft.

However, the image used in the reconstruction has no resemblance to Zamora's description and his drawings of the object he claimed to have seen. See: