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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The 1947 Flying Disc Panoply (by way of the FBI)

If you don't have or haven't seen the gathering of the FBI papers dealing with "flying discs," I suggest you get your hands on the PDF. (We have it in our archived files, and will provide it, if there is a real interest by some readers here. (Isaac Koi also will have a PDF is you have access to him via Above Top Secret.)

The picture above is one of several provided in the FBI papers; it's the Urie sighting of August 1947 at the Snake River Canyon.

What's interesting, to me, is that in all the witness accounts, none refer to the "things" seen  as flying discs or flying saucers. (UFO was not coined yet for flying objects reported by persons.)

The FBI consistently uses the term "flying disc" or "flying discs" derived from the Roswell reportage and in a time-frame devoid of the saturation of the term "flying saucer" that came from a reporter's sobriquet for Kenneth Arnold's observed gaggle of objects near Mt. Ranier earlier in 1947.

More importantly perhaps, is the sincerity of the reports, all coming well before the lunatic-like reportage in the 1950s and afterward. Flying discs were yet to be knickered by buffoonery.

One might find the 1947 witness descriptions extremely intriguing, smacking of intelligently controlled vehicles which would, sensibly, seem to be from somewhere beyond Earth.

What happened to sightings after 1947 may be attributed to the foolishness of Adamski and other "contactees." (See Nick Redfern's book Contactees for an overview of the milieu and persons involved.)

But for a pure rendition of the flying disc phenomena [sic] -- that's how the FBI referred to the sightings -- find the PDF, or ask me for it, and take a refreshed look at the subject matter of this blog.

You shall be enlightened.


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