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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The sources for our speculation(s) about Roswell and Socorro

David Rudiak likes to say that UFO bloggers and web creators get their Roswell or Socorro materials from his web-site, but we've always gotten our materials from the original sources, such as NASA and the Goddard Library, putting our finds online years ago, from which others purloined our material. But that's okay with us, as disemmination of government information isn't owned by those who find it, online.

Here are some notes from the Goddard Library about Balloons re: Roswell and Socorro as we saw it and see it:
These notes took us to Raven Industries, A CIA front that worked with Howard Hughes on his Socorro-sighted lunar lander and the Helios and Moby Dick Projects that Mr. Rudiak wants to take out of the Roswell time-frame which are solidly in that time-frame, as you can see.

And here is a report about tethered gondolas (or lunar lander configurations) that might, as we see it, account for Lonnie Zamora's sighting:


And finally, an article from the skeptical inquirer that should bolster the Zoam Chomsky, Lance Moody, Gilles Fernandez and CDA views:

Project Moby Dick