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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thinking: The Thing Missing in Ufology

Edward de Bono has established a regimen of thinking that everyone should know, especially those who consider themselves UFO intellectuals or who are part of that pseudo-study: ufology.

Here are some of his books:

And here is a book that is classic that should be in everyone's library, not by de Bono:
The reason I'm suggesting this book and Edward de Bono's regimen about thinking derives from how lame I'm finding my own thought processes to be and those of readers who leave comments here.

It's not that commentary at this blog is unintelligent or fetid; it's just that the commentary is devoid of creativity and/or imagination.

That is, the commentary is, as de Bono calls it, vertical thinking when it should be lateral thinking.

You need to read his books to get the gist or do your usual studying by googling Edward de Bono and reading what he has to say.

(You might also check out the Dimnet book, The Art of Thinking.)

In the Socorro post below this one, there are comments that make my point about "unimagination."

Since UFOs have not reached or even approached an explanation, the phenomenon has to be attacked with an outrageous attempt at novelty and "new think."

The stultifying thought that resonates here, my own included, provides nothing unique or interesting.

The comments are, usually, actually worse than my postings. That's rather sad, pathetic even.

I don't care if I lose some (or many) readers/commentators here with this posting.

What have I really lost? A boring, uninviting set of comments, often florid -- sound and fury signifying nothing.

So, my fellow quidnuncs....hie thyselves to the bookstore or library and read up on where thinking is today and enlighten or edify those of us who need enlightenment and edification.