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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Some fun....from our friend David Rudiak

David Rudiak, whose photo I purloined from the internet which gives its origin as Kevin Randle's blog, is a person I truly like and admire, despite his ETH bias.

But it seems I have, for some time, caused him angst and aggravation.

Here's a response from David at UFO Updates, circa 2005, about my Zamora thrust there.

I cause David Rudiak irritation


Jacques Vallee's Invisible College.....or Not

Jacques Vallee's Invisible College seems never to have come to fruition, although the concept would have been useful for study of the so-called UFO phenomenon.

Here's a paper on what an invisible college is and how to establish one:

Invisible College

The Roswell Contagion

Here is a paper about how social contagion evolves or takes place:

Memetics and/or Contagion

The paper guides those who are preoccupied with Roswell as a myth.

It has nothing to do with the core event that precipitated what has become the Roswell lore.