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Friday, August 15, 2014

And now it's the Roswell Rock

The History2 Channel, Friday, 8/15/14, presented an hour long airing about a rock found near Roswell in 2004 that is ostensibly connected to the 1947 Roswell incident.

The show was, hosted by Giorgio Tsoukalos, the Ancient Astronaut theorist:
The show wasn't about AAs, but about a rock that has a mysterious symbol or drawing on its surface and magnetic qualities.

I won't go into the various elements of the show or the show's conjectures, but I will say that the idea of a rock with a Roswell connection is not unlike the Roswell slide saga, interesting but not relevant.

That is, neither a Roswell rock nor Roswell slides will explain what happened near Roswell in July 1947.

Roswell has developed a mythos, a mythical patina. That patina has to be wiped away by absolute, scientific investigation or research.

But the the Roswell story is considered, by normal people, to be a convoluted mishmash of hysteria and lies that continues to draw in irrational believers, liars, and con men.

No decent academic, scientist, or media person wants to touch Roswell or even have a transitory involvment with the topic (or event).

The Roswell Rock was interesting for those enamored of fringe topics and quirky, anomalous artifacts that sometime show up and gain an audience for a brief time.

The Roswell slides will follow that scenario: a brief spurt of interest with a following diminishment that places the photos in a Roswell footnote that only die-hard Roswellians and UFO addicts will seek out when someone brings up Roswell as a moment in time when a small segment of society was intrigued by a bizarre example of military and public hysteria.


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