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Monday, July 07, 2014

Mars' Curiosity Rover captures photo of UFO?


Are UFOs mind-created?

Material in Arthur Koestler’s The Roots of Coincidence [Random House, NY, 1972] allows one to consider that UFOs are created by the mind of person(s) seeing them and, perhaps, even creating them.

“Our universe is no truer than that of the neutrinos – the exist in a different kind of space, governed by different laws … In our space, no material body can exceed the velocity of light, because at this velocity its mass and so inertia becomes infinite. The neutrino, however, is subject neither to gravitational nor to electro-magnetic fields, so that it need be bound by the this speed limit and may have it own, different time. It might be able to travel faster than light, which would make it relativistically [sic] recede in our time scale … mental entities, it appears that they have no definite locus in so-called ‘physical’, or, better, gravi-electromagnetic, space …This kind of perception involves a mental interaction, which is subject to laws of its own …” [Page 64]

“ … Eccles …believes that ESP and PK are weak and irregular manifestations of the same principle which allows an individual’s mental volition to influence his own material brain, and the material brain to give rise to conscious experiences. He also reminds us of an unduly neglected hypothesis, which Eddington formulated in 1939, of a ‘correlated behaviour of the individual particles of matter, which he assumed to occur fro matter in liaison with mind.” [Page 76]

“ … one reason for the erratic nature of ESP …[is] our inability to control the unconscious processes underlying it. Grey Walter’s experiments were not concerned with ESP, yet he [realized] that the ‘readiness wave’ will only attain sufficient strength if the subject is in a state described as ‘a paradoxical compound of detachment and excitement”. [sic] [Page 128]

What is being addressed above is the suggestion that those who wish to partake of an ESP experience needs to be relieved of excitement and emotion and need to be in a state of “self-transcending emotion.” [Page 128 ff.]

This goes to my previous conjecture that those seeing or experiencing a UFO event do so when they are in habitual zone of activity; that is they’re doing something rote and routine, such as flying a plane, gardening, picking flowers, hiking, or any other activity during which they enter a quasi-somnambulistic state of mind.

But Koestler goes further. He delves into quantum physics, positing that the “theory” allows for the mind to create material matter (or things) which have the appearance of reality but are actually illusionary.

“ … in Einstein’s cosmos and the sub-atomic micro-cosmos, the non-substantial aspects dominate; in both, matter dissolves into energy, energy into shifting configurations of something unknown. Eddington summed it up …’The stuff of the world is mind-stuff.’ … On both the cosmic and sub-atomic scale this intimate, tangible relationship turns out to be an illusion.” [Page 59]

“In his 1969 Eddington Memorial Lecture [ Britain’s most respected neurophysiologists, Dr. W. Grey Walter] reported, laconically, that harnessed to an electric machine, by an effort of will, one can influence external events without movement or overt action through the impalpable electric surges of one’s own brain.” [Page 123]

That the mind is able to create “realities” ex nihilo seems to be what cosmologists say nature did in the creation of the Universe [The Big Bang].

Koestler, in this book – and previous book The Ghost in the Machine – indicates that creation occurs by thought – an interaction of brain of mind actually. And a reality is created that appears actual but is illusionary, although the reality is as concrete as the reality one finds postulated in Quantum Theory (or Mechanics).

Does this mean that UFOs are created “realities”? Koestler tackles that with much about the Pauli-Jung collaboration Naturerklärung und Psyche which he sees as flawed although the work and Jung’s theory of the archetypes appear to have a similar acceptance of intangible reality that is tangible, in some sense.

My point here is that there are suggestions, by men (and women), that raise the specter of mind-created reality (ghosts, for example) and UFOs could very well be a created-reality that interacts with human senses and the natural world and its accoutrements (radar, film, et cetera).

The matter is more complex than my précis here presents it but I’m hopeful that some of you can or will address the finer points…