UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

UFOs and Roswell are myths? So what?

I have a plethora of books about mythology and I find the exegeses of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, et al. to be intellectually stimulating.

Even the charge that Jesus/Christ was a mythical creation, I find fascinating.

And that there is no God is also provocative, as I see it.

So when French skeptic Gilles Fernandez insists that UFOs, and Roswell in particular, are modern myths, I scoff. So what?

Or when Zoam Chomsky rails on and on that UFOs have always been a hoax, and have never existed, I shrug and think, so what?

Myths and hoaxes are grist for intellectual rumination, as the vast literature corroborates.

The study of UFOs, Roswell, Jesus, or even Bigfoot is worthy in themselves for the underlying motives that spurred such phenomena.

If UFOs are delusional, is there not material in that worthy of scrutiny?

If Roswell came to fruition by way of Stanton Friedman’s coercive ET bias, isn’t that a topic for elucidation?

Sure, the topics of UFOs, generally, or Roswell, in particular, aren’t practical or economically relevant, but they are grist for those who are often fascinated by the strange and odd.

So, beleaguering UFO aficionados, as Gilles is wont to do, and Lance or CDA also, is futile and nonsensical.

The subject matter is fraught with intellectual innuendo, or something more, perhaps.

That we shouldn’t talk or write about UFOs, as incongruous as the topic may be, is a stab a censorship, a fascistic plea to shut up about something(s) that irk a few.

UFO, and its flaky offshoot, Ufology, may not make sense to some, but inside the UFO realm lie truths of various kinds.

And truth, or search for it, as convoluted as it is, intrinsically, is always worth a moment or two in one’s lifetime, is it not?