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Friday, June 13, 2014

Verification of One Socorro Symbol

This is, as you know from my recent posting here, what Ray Stanford thinks may be the actual symbol that Police Officer Lonnie Zamora saw in Socorro, New Mexico in 1964:
A debate has ensued because this symbol was said to be hidden from the public on the advice of Army Captain Holder who was investigating the Socorro incident.

(Incidentally, why was an Army Captain investigating the event rather than someone from the Air Force?)

Holder wanted to make sure that a hoaxer would not come forward with an identical sighting of a UFO with a similar symbol, so a ruse-symbol was proffered to the media and public: supposedly this image here:
But here's a symbol seen on a UFO byGary Chopic in 1973:
Depending upon the orientaiton of Mr. Chopic's UFO and sighting, one can see what appears to be a similar symbol to that seen by Officer Zamora.

The Zamora/Socorro symbol, as I keep insisting, to the point of irritating redundancy here, is the "smoking gun" of the Socorro sighting -- find the origin of the symbol and you'll have the source of the egg-shapped craft that spooked Officer Zamora.

That presupposes that the craft is not from outer space, which I don't think it was, as many of you know from previous elucidations here and elsewhere about Howard Hughes, Raven Industries, and the CIA.

(And, no, I do not subscribe to the Anthony Bragalia hoax thesis. The whole episode is too convoluted to have been a concoction by the students at the university in Socorro, as I see it.)


Betty Hill's Alien Book and The Adamski/Orthon Shoe Print

This is a reproduction of what Betty Hill said were symbols on a book she espied on the craft that allegedly abducted her and her husband Barney in 1961:

This is purportedly an imprint from the shoe of Orthon, the "man from Venus" who met with George Adamski in the Colorado Desert in 1952:
One can find similarities in both of the symbolic renderings.

What does this tell us about the alleged incidents?

That they were real alien contacts, from bona fide extraterrestrials, from the same place, using the same "language" or "writing"?

Or that delusional people tap in to similar aberrant mental configurations?

An investigation or study of the symbols provided by flying saucer (UFO) witnesses might provide a clue that is neurologically significant or extraterrestrially significant.

(I don't think it's the latter.)