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Monday, June 02, 2014

Roswell heating up again?

In anticipation of The Roswell research team’s [aka The Roswell Dream Team] impending public disclosure of the co-called Roswell slides?

This from our colleague, Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca:

“Declarations by Alan Davis (NASA telecommunications engineer during the Apollo XI Project. Appointed to the Island of Antigua. 1969) to 2 Spanish  researchers, José Luis Hermida and Pepe Ortiz in 1992. Asked if NASA has evidence of "intelligent life" outside this planet, Davis replied that; "If one of these tests has to do with an incident in 1947 in New Mexico when, for reasons unknown a UFO had to make an emergency landing. A specialist team traveled to the area. There were 3 extraterrestrial creatures, 2 of them were dead, they were not breathing and had no pulsations. Now if you think they were green creatures like cartoons are wrong. No, these were as a human being, nothing 6 fingers or green skin, were similar to anyone you see on the street. As I have understood had blood and internal organs were the same as ours. One of the beings survived the forced landing was alive. He had a pretty big bleeding and needed a transfusion, but had little time for analysis, so we ended up dying. The artifact is about 12 meters in diameter.”

And this link from Anthony Bragalia, which he found interesting, as do I:


Are UFOs a mystical experience or a technological experience?

Which of the two experiences in my title above is more prominent in the UFO panoply or history?

It seems that quantum mechanics is the underlying “process” or modus operandi – the supportive mechanism -- operating within or without events that have been, mostly in the past, considered mystical – the appearances of a woman thought to be Mary the mother of Jesus (at Lourdes and Fatima, for instance) – and UFO sightings, up to the modern era.

In the middle 1890s and certainly after 1945, UFOs have been considered with a technological patina,

(The Roswell incident cemented such a view, with the alleged finding of “metal debris” or a craft, and bodies from supposed extraterrestrials who piloted the downs flying disk mentioned in a military press release.)

But it seems that there is an evanescent overlay to UFOs seen in the sky and even in those on-the-ground contacts with weird entities.

In ancient sightings, the reports were appended to religious or mythical tales.

In modern times, UFO accounts have been encrusted with a technological veneer.

This latter change can be attributed to the loss of religious milieux in society.

But whether or not UFOs, over the years or in our time, are mystical or technological matters not.

The procedure by which they arrive or are seen – experienced – seems to follow the mechanics of quantum, and a few postings here recently, noted by Joel Crook, from the science community seem to confirm a quantum basis for UFO sightings or events.

This would appear to be basis for study by UFO buffs, setting aside the extraterrestrial component, although the ETH could also benefit from a quantum underbelly.