UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Those Green Fireballs

A reference to the Green Fireball phenomenon (mostly of the 40s and 50s) at Kevin Randle’s blog invites conjecture about what they were.

I could say they are the chlorophyll packets from the living plant pilots of UFOs, but that would be a jest.

The green fireball sightings, along with the Scully book, provoked my interest in flying saucers (and UFOs).

While the preponderance of the green fireball sightings abated in the mid-1950s (Wikipedia mentions a 1983 and 2011 sighting), their mystery remains.

Astronomer Lincoln LaPaz who studied the things didn’t or couldn’t come to a resolution as to what the fireballs were.

Were they “drones” looking for the alleged downed disk at Roswell or surveillance objects as Robert Hastings suggests?

Even with a rather serious investigational thrust, nothing has been discerned as to their nature or essence.

This is symptomatic of the whole UFO enigma: the objects defy explanation.

But the green fireballs do seem to have been reconnoitering, over a specific area (the Southwest United States). Why?

We can never know it seems.