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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Origin of the Roswell Slide(s) Story?

In the April 1976 Official UFO magazine, on Page 24 ff. appears an article by Raymond Fowler about crashed UFOs and bodies.

Besides the notorious Kingman, Arizona “crash” there’s a report of a crashed saucer at Mattydale, a suburb of Syracuse, New York; the report given to Fowler by a Mr. And Mrs. Marsden.

The incident happened between October 1953 and May 1954, given to Fowler in 1967.

An object about 20 feet in diameter and 15 feet high, exuding phosphorescent lights of several colors, which illuminated “quite a few men walking around the object and examining it. Some were uniformed and some were not. One man had what appeared to be a large press camera…and was taking pictures.” [Page 25]

Fowler then recounts the Kingman incident (of 1953) by an AEC project engineer, Fritz A. Werner, who was asked to help in the investigation of a crashed, super-secret Air Force vehicle:

The crashed, unknown object was allegedly studied by Mr. Werner and others; Werner providing an affidavit in which he said he glanced a “dead body of a four-foot human-like creature…The skin on its face was dark brown.” Werner was cautioned not to divulge what he had seen.

Werner was supposedly assigned to Project Blue Book later on, but Fowler wasn’t able to confirm that but was able to determine that Werner had some actual bona fides and was a credible source, who had a diary of his activity at Kingman.

(Fowler also mentions, in his piece, a Dr. Eric Wang, who figures in the memory metal that Anthony Bragalia found was studied by Battelle and NASA, and was said to come from the Roswell crash.)

So, what is the exact connection to Roswell that the Roswell Team sees? Or are their touted slides from another incident in the 1947-1953 time-frame?

Nick Redfern sees the sign that appears in the controversial photos as a possible clue to tell us where and when (perhaps) the pictures were snapped.

More to come?