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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Roswell Slides Context

Many of you have questions about the situation with the so-called Roswell Slide(s).

Here’s what I know…

The Team doesn’t have its ducks in a row.

They know that the Kodachrome film was extant in 1947 and the photo(s) taken with it were probably taken in that time-frame, but they can’t prove that.

They also don’t know who took the photo(s); they have a guess, but that’s all they have.

They don’t know where the film was taken – locale. They think it’s near Roswell but that is a guess also.

They have no idea what the photo(s) show….a “body” apparently, but there is no way to determine what kind of body – real or simulated, or ???

The Team is trying to put together a scenario but they have no access to first-hand participants.

They have a Chicago guy who got the slides from his sister who found them in a trunk during and estate sale.

The possessor has no connection to the slides – direct or indirect. He’s just a guy hoping to capitalize on the things, hyped by Tom Carey as Roswell in nature.

Tom Carey is intrigued because he’s a Roswellian and wants to resolve that incident.

Don Schmitt wants to capitalize monetarily I think.

David Rudiak is a Roswell fanatic. He’s obsessed with Roswell and needs to keep scratching that itch.

Anthony Bragalia wants to be a UFO notable. He desires cachet and fame as a “ufologist” which I don’t get. Having UFO notoriety is anathema to persons who value dignity and common sense.

Chris Rutkowski is almost involved but a silent partner, one who should get out before his inestimable credibility is shot to hell by the Slides farce.

Kevin Randle wanted to clear up his beleaguered Roswell credibility but snookered that by playing fast and loose with the Slides story, nailed by Paul Kimball for prevaricating the issue.

So that’s where we are: the Slides will get a public airing this year, sometime, somehow.

But it will be akin to the Alien Autopsy film, in content and denouement; that is, it will end up being one more ufological joke that besmirches all involved.