UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Twilight of UFOs (despite The Roswell Slides)

Objective UFO buffs have got to see that the UFO era is over, dead, finito, extinct.

Yes, some strange things are still seen in the sky but, for all practical purposes, UFOs as a viable topic of interest or phenomenon in need of study are so over…

Those hoping or wishing that the so-called Roswell slides will rejuvenate Roswell or UFOs are going to be sorely disappointed.

There might be a blip of interest when the Roswell slides are made public but it will only be a blip.

The slides are already compromised. They were said to be taken by a geologist who happened, with his colleagues, upon an accident or Army operation which displayed an entity of unearthly demeanor.

Now it’s said the slides show a body in a building.

The slide story, like all UFO stories, has become fuzzy.

The Roswell Investigation Team is keeping their knowledge of the slides to themselves, hoping to capitalize on them with books, magazine articles, even a movie.

But really that Team is really hoping to gain some notoriety and fame, cementing their long-time efforts to make something tangible, worthwhile, of UFOs and especially Roswell.

The public doesn’t care. News media doesn’t care. The governments of the Earth don’t care.

Yes, there might be a mild stir, if the slides are marketed sensationally, but they, like UFOs, will subside into a fringe footnote, only to be debated by the last of the UFO obsessives.

UFOs are as dead as dead can be, only seeming alive because a few UFO mavens, like us, keep providing CPR, when we know, down deep, that UFOs have had their day.