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Sunday, February 09, 2014

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Gaines M Crook: An "Abduction Experience" (or something else?)

Gaines M  Crook, whose writings we're highlighting at our UFO Heterodoxy blog -- http://ufoh.blogspot.com -- provided an account of an episode that he thought, it seems, to have been an Alien Abduction experience.

I'm inserting, here, his commentary about the "event," the written account provided by Gaines Crook's son Joel. (Your thoughts, as usual, are welcome.):
Copyright 2014, Joel Crook



            I was born in Ellisville in southeast Mississippi on May  7, 1923 and I never went more than 60 miles away from my  birthplace until  I was almost 18 years old. I lived at Ellisville  until  I was  10  years  old. This area of Mississippi was  at  that  time mostly  agricultural and American Indian place and  stream  names abounded.  Names like Talahoma, Talahalee,  Talahasse,  Bogahoma, Archusa, Chicasahay, Pachuta, Shubuta,

            These  incidents are not dirctly correlated with the  abduction  phenomena but may be found to be related if explored. I  am not troubled by any sign of stress which might be related to  the phenomena so I see no reason to explore them further than what  I can remember.

The Doctor

            When  I was 5 years old (September 1928) my parents  started me  to school in the "Primer" which is now  called  kindergarten. Not more than a few weeks after school started, the County Health Dept.  doctor came around to examine the children. I was born  at home,  delivered by a black midwife and had never seen a  medical doctor  in my life up to that time. My first look at  the  doctor was while he was looking into another child's nose with an examination  instrument. I went into a total panic! I went around  the corner from the room where the examinations were taking place  to another room, jumped out the window and hid in the shrubbery.  As I  remember it, none of the children was crying or  objecting  to the  examination,  or even appeared to be afraid of  it,  but  it caused  me  to utterly panic. After staying in the bushes  for  a while I knew I had to leave or I would be found and taken back to undergo  the  horror of all horrors! It has been  over  64  years since  that occurrence and I remember it as clearly as if it  had been yesterday!

            I knew almost nothing about the town where I lived but I did know  where Joe Gilbreth's grocery store was. Joe Gilbreth was  a friend  if my Dad and I knew Dad probably would go by  the  store before  he  went home that night.  Sure enough, Dad came  by  the store and by that time Joe had spotted me outside trying to  hide as  well  as I could. This incident caused ny parents  to  decide that  I was too young to start to school. I started in the  first grade the next year and never had a physical examination for  the whole  12 years I was in grammar and high school. In fact  I  was about 16 years old before I was treated by a medical doctor  (for malaria).

            About  a year after the medical examination episode, We  had moved  to a house on the eastern side of Ellisville not far  from where  US  Highway 11 was being built. I started to  school  that year. I remember that very well because in order to go to  school I  had to cross the Southern Railroad track. At about the time  I went  to  school in the morning, a long freight  train  would  be parked  on a side track waiting for a passenger train to pass  it on the single main track. The only way we could get to school was to  crawl  under the parked train or walk around it  which  would have  added a mile to the trip. Once in a while the  train  would make a noise and give us a good scare that we would be run over!

The "Boat"

            While  the US Highway No. 11 was being built through  Ellisville, there was a small creek that crossed the highway and so  a bridge  had  to be built. They excavated the  channel  under  the bridge  and formed it up and poured the concrete before the  road was built to the bridge. The channel of the creek was  apparently changed in order to pour the concrete  without being bothered  by the  water  from the creek. When the bridge  was  completed,  and before  the creek was diverted into it, it had a basin  under  it and  when it rained it filled with water. Some of the older  boys built  a "boat" which was like a box about  three feet  wide  and five feet long, but it would float in the water with two or three small boys in it. I remember going under the bridge in the "boat" and saying to myself, "They can't get to me in here!". I have  no idea within what context this statement was supposed to be.  This memory did not return until over 60 years after it happened and I was reviewing some occurrences of my childhood.

The Woods

            My  maternal grandparents lived about a mile west of  Ellisville  on a 40 acre family farm. My Grandfather was a jack of all trades.  He had  been  a blacksmith until the advent of  the  automobile  and still had a blacksmith shop at his home. From one time to another my  family would move in with my grandparents. One time  also  we lived in a house on a farm next door to their farm. Just north of my grandparents farm was a woods consisting mainly of  old second growth  long leaf pine. Us kids would go to these woods to  play. There  were some small hills in the woods. We would  make  little "sleds" by nailing a board seat and another board for a  footrest on  to  an oak barrel stave. We would slide down the  pine  straw covered hills under the pine trees on the little "sleds" and  the wax on the pine straw would glaze the barrel staves and make them as  slick  as if we were on snow. We could  guide the  "sled"  by leaning  one way or the other. We had great fun but one  time  we went  and  decided not to go again for some  unknown  reason.  We never  went back. I have no recollection of what could have  happened that would have made us stop going to a place where we  had so much fun.


            When  I was 10 years old our family moved to Quitman, MS  in Clarke  County  about 45 miles northeast of Ellisville.  I  lived there until I was 17 1/2 years old and did most of my growing  up there.  For the last 6 years I lived about 2 miles east  of  town across Archusa creek. I spent an inordinate amount of time in the woods. I would just walk through the woods, swim in the creek and sometimes  paddle  a boat around in the creek. I didn't  like  to fish  unless I got hungry and then sometimes I would fish  for  a fish  to  eat, if I had some salt and something to  cook  it  in. Sometimes in the spring the creek would flood and the water would be  over  6 feet deep above the bridge and almost  a  mile  wide. Sometimes  during a flood I would paddle around in the  boat  and rescue  small animals from tree stumps and fence posts  and  take them to higher ground. There was a railroad used by the Long Bell Lumber Co. to haul logs from the little town of Crandall about 12 miles east of Quitman to the sawmill at Quitman. The railroad had a  trestle across Archusa creek. When the flood came the  trestle was  almost always out of the water so I used to walk over it  to get to town during a flood. They ran a train only twice per  week on  the railroad. Once I had a very vivid dream that there was  a flood  and I was sitting on the trestle in the middle of the  big expanse of water and the devil slowly surfaced out of the  water. I  had  my .22 rifle with me and I took aim and shot him  in  the head and he slowly sank back into the water.

            I  also spent a lot of time in some high woods  where  there was  only  one very small creek. In the high woods I  mainly  cut firewood for the family to burn in the cookstove and fireplace as some power lines had been put through it and there was plenty  of wood already cut down in the right of way. The owner was glad  to get  rid  of the downed wood as it improved the land  for  cattle pasture.

The "Thing"

            Years  later  an incident happened that  could  possibly  be related  to  the abduction phenomena. I was working  for  the  EI duPont de Nemours Co. at the Atomic Energy Commission's  Savannah River Plant near Aiken, SC as an Instrument Shift Engineer at the 105-P nuclear reactor facility. his happened in April of 1954.  I was married and had three small sons, Mark, 6, David, 3, and Joel 4 months. 

            At the time we had bought a piece of land near the intersection  of  county highways 37 and 39 in Barnwell County,  SC  just west  of  Springfield and were living in a house trailer  at  the site  of where a house had burned down. The trailer  was  crowded and  in  an effort to expand the living space, I had  started  to build a small house about 40'X20' next to the trailer. The  foundation  and subfloor was finished but the upper part had not  yet been completed.

            I was working second shift at the time from 3pm to 11 pm.  I got  home after 12 midnight. My wife, Bettie, was  upset  because there  was  a strange smell present and she thought  it  was  the Freon  refrigerant  leaking out of the  refrigerator.  The  smell smelled similar to rotten oranges. She insisted that we move  the refrigerator out of the trailer on to the floor of the yet unfinished house. The refrigerator was not a small trailer unit but  a full size 14 or 15 cubic foot model and was very heavy. I  didn't like  the  idea of moving it but she insisted. Well,  we  got  it moved  and  it began to sprinkle rain about the time  we  got  it moved. We finally got to bed very late.

            Later that night Bettie woke up and looked toward the  other end of the trailer where the children slept and saw an  unbelievable  sight!  There floating in the air about five feet  off  the floor  was  this "thing" that glowed with sort of a golden  color about the brightness of the moon and looked like a jellyfish. the central  part  was  about 6" in diameter and  it  had  shimmering tentacles  hanging down below. She called my name trying to  wake me  up  but  I didn't wake up so she turned towards  me  (to  the right)  and  there  curled around my neck was  another  of  these things!  She said "Oh my God". She felt a flash of  intense  heat over  her whole body and pulled the cover over her head. She  was unconscious  until  we  both woke up the next  morning!  I  slept through the whole thing. She told me about what had happened  and it  sounded  incredible to me. She was wearing a nylon  hair  net when it happened. The next morning the hair net was found to have melted and was matted into her hair. I had to pick it out a piece at  a time! Now nylon begins to melt at about 470°F and the  bits of  hair net showed that they had been at a much higher  temperature than the minimum temperature because of the tiny size of the droplets  of nylon. The hair net appears to have exploded  in  an extreme burst of heat. We could not think of anything that  could account  for the heat flash and unconsciousness. We kept this  to ourselves and didn't tell anyone about it. Several times later we smelled  the  same odd smell but never had any  indication  of  a reoccurrence  of  a similar kind of incident and  never  saw  the "things" again.