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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kevin Randle: Grasping at what?

UFO writer and investigator Kevin Randle has a blog for which he likes to gather comments, lots of them.

He prefers quantity over quality. I'm not sure why he needs such gratification but he's done it again...

He's now revisiting the Roswell-Mogul balloon controversy which, in the past, has brought the Pro and Con Roswell acolytes out of the woodwork.

The issue has been been feather-dusted and milked like crazy, mostly by the Kevin Randle blog-followers: David Rudiak, Lance Moody, CDA (Christopher Allan) and others.

We suspect this latest mogul rehash will bring the "debaters' out in force once more, to haggle over details that are totally irrelevant and not germane to the Roswell incident, as noted here and elsewhere.

Mr. Randle, once a credible UFO researcher, continues to marginalize himself with Roswell and other UFO detritus that is hoary with age and misinformation.

Why is he committing this ufological suicide? It's baffling, and disturbing to those of us who have admired Mr. Randle, even after his misdeeds during the recent Roswell slide(s) imbroglio.

Maybe Paul Kimball's forthcoming book, about UFO malfeasance and those who have been responsible and continue to be irresponsible, will offer an explanation.

I hope so.