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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Aristotle makes my point!

CDA, in a comment for the item preceding this one, missed my point.

Let me provide this quote, from Aristotle, found in an important and brilliant book I just got from Amazon.com for $20: The Outer Limits of Reason by Noson S. Yanofsky (Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science at Brooklyn College, NY) from The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts:

"... although these opinions appear to follow logically in a dialectical discussion, yet to believe them seems next door to madness when one considers the facts. For indeed, no lunatic seems to be so far out of his senses." [On Generation and Corruption, 325a15]


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More telepathic UFO communication?

A Dan Frederiksen  left a comment at a 2012 blog item here. (More on that elsewhere).

In it he mentioned the September 16th, 1994 Ruwa, Zimbabwe UFO sighting by some school children, from which the drawing above derives.

In one of the accounts (linked below) was this:

Dr. John Mack, along with researcher Dominique Callimanopulos visited Ruwa...spent two days doing interviews with 12 of the children and their parents. A few of the older students related that they felt they had communicated with the craft's occupants. They were informed that we were were destroying Earth by polluting it, and unless we changed our ways, we would face a failing planet.

The sighting, aside from the telepathic mention, intrigues. Here are links to two reports of the event:



For me, whenever children report a strange episode, I tend to accept it as true as, psychologically, children will own up to a created or made-up story. eventually, when queried by adults.

This is one of those cases that smacks of a true, UFO occupant sighting.

(Jose Caravaca may want to apply his Distortion Theory to this incident, but I think the sighting is as reported by the children, and is a bona fide, non-mentally induced sighting.)

The drawings by the children, in the UFO Evidence link (above), because they are strikingly dissimilar, require a forensic or closer look at this UFO case.