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Monday, October 14, 2013

An Indirect Proof for a Roswell Flying Disk Crash?

While Roswellians insist that a flying disk/saucer did accidentally crash near Roswell in 1947, skeptics often ask why the military hasn’t opted to develop flying saucer technology and design since.

Let me suggest that, if the Roswellians are correct, the military did, indeed, get their hands on flying saucer technology and discovered that, while the saucer shape worked for whomever or whatever flew the things, presumably at and from their home planet, wherever that might be, the saucer design wasn’t optimal for the Earth or its meteorological and atmospheric environment(s).

Testing of prototypes based upon the alleged Roswell crashed disk proved unworkable and even possible disastrous (Aztec), which prodded aircraft designs from Northrop, Boeing, Lockheed Martin et al. to develop aircraft using design parameters suited to the Earth’s vicissitudes.

So, a crashed or disabled flying disk, found near Roswell, while not ultimately producing a like-aircraft for the U.S. military, it did allow for that military to avoid, after much prototypical testing, the same mistakes that brought down the strange, extraterrestrial aircraft that some believe was and is the core of the so-called Roswell incident.

Circumstantial evidence, which may surface sooner than later, from the remnants of the ill-named Roswell “Dream Team, might very well settle the controversy once and for all or create new acrimony for the UFO newbies to contend with.