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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Should Truth Be Delayed?

There comes a time when those of us who've worked as journalists have to confront those who would delay or deny thruths, about themselves, about things they know, and about things we all should know.

This goes to the issue of Roswell and other UFO events, which are being used a ciphers by a certain few, with the excuse being that investigation and research need time to mature, time to evolve, or time to make sense.

And there comes a time when those of us, who have a journalistic background and who have information that should be in the public arena, no matter how gotten, need to step up and divulge what we know and maybe how we know it.

Bruce Duensing provides a news item about reporter Seymour Hersh, the noted journalist and reportorial gadfly that leads us to consider whether or not we should out information that some now have but hold in abeyance for reasons inscrutable or self-serving.

Click HERE to get an idea of how a real reporter, a real journalist would handle such information.