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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Religious Research (about Jesus) vs UFO Research (about Roswell et cetera)

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Some of you have read or heard about this:

Dalmanutha, a Biblical town described in the Gospel of Mark as the place where Jesus sailed after miraculously multiplying a few loaves and fish to feed 4,000 people, may have just been discovered by archaeologists, reports LiveScience.

And some of you may have read or heard about this UFO tale:

At noon, June 19th, 1951, in Sonderborg, Denmark, a mechanic named Joseph Matiszewski encountered a flying saucer that landed in a meadow with a whistling noise. As he approached the saucer, he became paralyzed, and noticed that cows in the meadow had also become paralyzed, and that the birds had ceased to sing. Four handsome male figures with brown ski, wearing shiny clothing, emerged from the saucer, and appeared to be making repairs to the craft. Several objects came out of the craft and hovered over it before departing along with the saucer. Matiszewski was no longer paralyzed. [From David Ritchie’s UFO book, op.cit.]

Now I ask you, what would be the essential difference in the research methodology for both the Jesus story found in Mark 8:10 and the UFO story found in Ritchie [Page 192]?

And further, why is the research methodology for Roswell, by the ill-named Roswell Dream Team, different than the research methodology by the so-called Jesus Seminar?

Just as some think that a continuing study of the Jesus era and the man/God is important and should be ongoing, some UFO buffs think that Roswell should be studied in a likewise serious manner; after all, Roswell has more substantiating material (a press release, living witnesses, and newspaper accounts) than the story of Jesus has.

The fussy attacks by some UFO aficionados toward the Randle Roswellians seems to be antithetical to what is accepted elsewhere when it comes to the Jesus mythology.

If old UFO tales are available, UFO mavens can or should pursue the truth of them, just as religious followers can and should pursue the truth or not of the hagiographical Jesus.

P.S. Is this part of the rumored, new Roswell evidence?