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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Christopher Allan [CDA] is famous!

On page 171 of Looking for Orthon is this: 

On April 29, 1959, Adamski lectured at the Midlands Institute in Birmingham. Writer Christopher Allan was present, and in a letter to this author he described how the institute was packed and the audience overflowed to another hall to hear the lecture on the sound system. “I do not consider that Adamski gave a good performance,” wrote Allan, “and his films were very poor.” 

In footnote 158, the author Colin Bennett writes: 

I am most grateful to Christopher Allan for letting me have numerous newspaper clippings from this period.


The Epsilon Boötis Signal (and the Woolpit Green Children too)

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In 1973, a reputable, credible Scottish astronomer, Duncan Alasdair Lunan, was responsible for this [from Wikipedia]: 

… in an article in Spaceflight, the magazine of the British Interplanetary Society (BIS), he said he had identified and deciphered a hidden radio message sent by an alien space probe that had been caught but overlooked in the late 1920s by a collaboration of Norwegian and Dutch researchers who were studying the long delayed echo effect. 

Published along with an accompanying editorial disclaimer, Lunan maintained that the putative message came from an object at the L5 point in the same orbit as the Moon, sent by the inhabitants of a planet orbiting Epsilon Boötis. 

He came to the conclusion that the message was, "Start here. Our home is Upsilon Bootes, which is a double star. We live on the sixth planet of seven, coming from the sun, which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets each have one. Our probe is in the position of Arcturus, known in our maps." 

The claim was reported in Time and the CBS Evening News. It was included in Rod Serling's 1975 TV documentary In Search of Ancient Mysteries and, many years later, on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM radio show. The alleged message has been refuted and in 1976 Lunan withdrew the theory, presenting proofs against it and clarifying what had led him to formulate it. However, in 1998 he re-interpreted part of it, claiming support from positional astronomy. 

The theory was part of the inspiration of Mark Brandis' 1974 novel Raumsonde Epsilon (in English Spaceprobe Epsilon). 

The Wikipedia article on Lunan can be read HERE

The Space-2000. net website had this succinct paragraph about Lunan’s find: 

Duncan Lunan who had conducted this research believed the alien satellite had been in orbit in the solar system for over 12000 years! He believed it's purpose was to intercept and return signals at delayed intervals so that eventually scientists on Earth would realise what was happening! Writing in 1973 Lunan believed the decoded intervals also gave out the following information: "Our home sun is Epsilon Bootes. It is a double star. We live on the sixth or seventh planet. Counted from the sun which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon, our fourth planet has three and our first and third planets one each. Our satellite is in orbit round your moon."

 It also had this about Epsilon Boötis: 

An even more bewildering twist to the saga was soon to be revealed! Studies made by the president for the Association in Scotland for Technology and Research in Astronautics, revealed that [some returned radio] signals could be broken down and decrypted in a manner that seemed to show the outline of a star chart. When this outline was converted onto a detailed map of the sky the bewildered researcher found to his amazement that it corresponded to a region in the constellation of Bootes! The evidence seemed to focus on the star Epsilon Bootes, and a delighted Professor Bracewell of Stanford University is on record as claiming: " The maps produced.... can be adduced as a possibility of communication with another intelligence!" 

Bracewell also went on to add that such a satellite camped in orbit around our world would want to communicate with us in a pictorial method of digital origin! In this way the decrypted picture - like the star map - could furnish important information in the universal language of science - numerical evidence! 

More can be found at the Space-2001.net by clicking HERE

And the DiscloseTV site has even more; click HERE to read that. 

And interesting aside to the Lunan story is this [also from Wikipedia] about the strange story of the Green Children of Woolpit:  
In a 1996 Analog Science Fiction and Fact article, Lunan speculated that the Green children of Woolpit were mistakenly transported to Earth due to malfunction in a matter transmitter. 

He also claimed that he can trace the Green Girl's descendants to the present. 

Taking a lead from Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy, he suggests that the children were accidentally returned from a settlement of humans established by extraterrestrials on an earthlike world with a trapped synchronous orbit rotation with unusual genetically modified vegetation, which would allegedly explain their unusual skin color. 

He presented his theory on the 9 November 2011 episode of Ground Zero Live conducted by Clyde Lewis. 

In 2012 Lunan published Children from the Sky, a study of the green children and the documentation related to them, illustrated by Sydney Jordan. 

Odd but interesting, is it not?


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