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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Three UFO Things That Make Us Crazy

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Kenneth Arnold describing the movement of the nine “objects” he saw flying near Mt. Ranier in 1947:

[They flew] "like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water."

Who skips (or ever skipped) a saucer across water? A flat stone, yes, but a saucer?

What made Arnold provide such a loopy metaphor?

Then we find Jesse Marcel stating how he tested the so-called Roswell debris he had found:

“I tried to bend that stuff and it won't bend.  I even tried it with a sledge hammer. You can't make a dent on it."

Who uses a sledge hammer on a piece of foil-like metal? This wasn’t a slab of metal, just a small sheet of foil-like substance.

Would a person even use a regular claw hammer to strike a piece of foil?

What made Marcel use such a descriptive of what he did with the debris he supposedly collected and brought home for his family to see?

And then we have Kevin Randle’s blog going into the Mogul explanation once more.

The usual characters are debating the issue redundantly, with David Rudiak giving his laborious asides and CDA, Gilles Fernandez, and Lance Moody adding their skeptical retorts.

Isn’t Mr. Randle supposed to be looking for new Roswell material and information with his Roswell Dream Team?

Mr. Randle has now proposed that the Dream Team is absorbed in the Ramey memo, the White Sands accidents in 1947, and the ongoing Mogul Balloon controversy.

Mogul and Brazel’s debris-find have nothing to do with the real Roswell event, and Mr. Randle knows this or should.

That he sets loose upon the UFO world the same old, same old arguments by the Mogul supporters and critics is troublesome.

If the Dream Team hopes to gather support for new research, Mr. Randle had got to stop regurgitating old stuff, and his usual raft of skeptics have got to quit responding to the taunt his postings bring.

Again, the Mogul story has nothing to do with the 1947 Roswell incident, as we’ve explained and shown previously here and elsewhere.

That Mr. Randle and his sycophants keep trying to make it a major element in the Roswell saga is just loony.

Click HERE for Robert A, Galganski's erudite evaluation of the debris story and the debris itself.

(I am becoming ashamed to know the fellows who continue to be swallowed up by the Mogul canard. They are supposed to be intellectual skeptics but are, rather, obsessived with Roswell minutiae they have memorized and need to keep putting forth as a sign that they are Roswell “experts.” It’s more than sad; it borders on psychopathology.)