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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Comic Con and The Vilvorde 1973 UFO Incident (with The Flash?)

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The comic book superhero The Flash first appeared in D.C. Comics in January 1940.

Here’s The Flash’s iconic chest symbol:


In December 1973, a man living in Vilvorde, Belgium had a night-time encounter with a UFO and its odd occupant.

The whole account can be read HERE.

In the witness account is this description of a symbol seen inside the UFO as it was departing:

“… below the cupola, the witness noticed more-over an emblem outlined upon the orange portion of the craft. It consisted of a black circle traversed diagonally by a yellow lightning flash of a brighter shade than the phosphorescent orange area.”

A strange coincidence? Or a Caravaca-like intrusion of information by an “external agent” hoping to impart something important (or not), or just a meaningless insertion of a witness memory bit?

What causes such visual addenda in UFO sightings? (The Socorro insignia/symbol is rife for explanation, and will tell us who or what was responsible for that “sighting” by Police Officer Lonnie Zamora.)

Such minutiae is important, as I see it….a nuance that needs to be forensically addressed by those hoping to resolve the UFO enigma.

(I’m re-scouring the Vallee/Aubeck book, Wonders in the Sky, for early on symbols, to see if they are culturally relevant.)