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Friday, July 12, 2013

Kevin Randle and Mogul Balloons

Kevin Randle has given his blog over to Roswell’s Mogul balloon controversy again.

This is worse than my bringing up Roswell itself over and over again.

Mr. Randle and his ill-named Dream Team is supposed to be working on new Roswell detritus.

That Mogul (or the Ramey memo he mentioned in his Paracast appearance recently) is on the Dream Team grill doesn’t invite trust in the DT project.

Mogul and the debris field at the Foster ranch have been discarded by astute Roswell researchers.

The incident that sparked the 1947 “event” took place north of Roswell and east of the Foster Ranch.

Mac Brazel’s dalliance with “debris” is an irrelevant sidebar, and Mr. Randle knows this because of a discovery by the Dream Team that dumps the Mogul, Brazel, balloon fiasco in the Roswell garbage.

You’ll see, at Mr. Randle’s blog, that David Rudiak will weigh in, along with CDA, and maybe Gilles Fernandez and Lance Moody to rehash the Mogul scenario one more time.

Why is Mr. Randle dilly-dallying with Mogul when he is supposed to be scrounging around, like his DT members, for new or overlooked Roswell goodies?