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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

UFOs and Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams are named for English Logician John Venn [1834-1923] and devised to visually represent complex logical propositions and algebraic statements.

Here are some examples:






The properties of a Venn Diagram could be used to analyze UFO data or witness details.

And my simplistic approach to handing the UFO situation or ufology:


I’d be interested in seeing some Venn Diagrams (pertinent to the UFO phenomenon) from some of the erudite visitors here.

They can’t be inserted in Comments but if you send them to rrrgroup@gmail.com, we’ll place them online in a posting just devoted to Venn Diagrams.


UFO Odd(s) and End(s)?

Rummaging through recent UFO downloads, I came across a paper by Kalamazoo professor [aka The Progfessor] Michael Swords, my favorite – after me – UFO geezer.

The paper is A Guide to UFO Research and may be accessed here:

Looking for a photo of Professor Swords, I thought I’d use Google Images and typed in UFO geezers (as I had recently placed a photo of a geezer gaggle online in this blog, a photo of a meeting at Professor Swords house and UFO inner sanctum).

I was stunned by all the images that popped up – most from our many blogs and online excursions over the years: pictures of people (Bruce Duensing, Kevin Randle, me, et al.) and obscurities of various kinds.

This is from a constant repetition of ours: Socorro:


But then this logo! Not from us, but very interesting, is it not?


This is a contemporary logo, not used in a 1964 time-frame as far as I can tell.

If you are interested in UFO detritus, ours mostly, go to Google Images, type in UFO Geezers and have at it.