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Monday, June 17, 2013

Gilles Fernandez -- Adieu!

Prominent French UFO skeptic and our friend Gilles Fernandez has decided to read but no longer post comments to this blog.


This, after my Navy post where I mentioned Roswell, tangentially to the topic, which offended Gilles as he told me in a Facebook message.

When I asked him if he was departing because I had referenced Roswell, he replied:

“No, it is concerning some "bad faith" attitude I have enough now, to point me as an idiot.

Of course, your last posting pointed in the 11th§ or was alluding your Roswell/Aztec connection, and a crash. Your comment "show me (and others) where I make the case for a Roswell ET crash, or any kind of crash", mainly the "or any kind of crash", was "the last straw" or "the straw that broke the camel's back" as English have as idiomatic expressio, I think.”

You see, I had protested that I hadn’t mentioned the Roswell Dream Team or my Aztec and Roswell connection, but he found it somewhere in my Roswell sentence about Mac Brazel.

That I called him out, asking him to point to where I had mentioned a crash, or the DT, or Aztec, he was personally and intellectually offended.

He has been offended before, many times, by my commentary, as he sees me not as a skeptic but a person leaning toward the ETH when it comes to Roswell.

Discerning readers here know otherwise.

I, and many of you also I surmise, will miss Gilles’ comic relief. He usually provided an askew view of ufology and its practitioners.

So we bid Gilles an adieu, and will miss his fractured English but valuable insights.


Richard Hall and me


When I re-entered the UFO fray in the early 2000s, after laboring with small groups previous to that, I created a small commotion at UFO UpDates, about mid-decade.

My dotty ideas were more anathema there than anywhere else.

Jerry Clark, Wendy Connors, a guy who shall remain unnamed (who was jealous of the attention I took from his blow-hard dissertations). Don Ledger, and others fumed at my erratic and bizarre suggestions.

Although I did get encomiums for bringing up the fact that David Rudiak, a doctor of Optometry or Ophthalmology, never dealt with Lonnie Zamora’s visual acuity and especially the fact that Officer Zamora dropped his glasses during the departure of the craft he saw in 1964.

That Officer Zamora’s testimony was beleaguered by his dropped glasses and attached sun-glasses was never addressed, until I mentioned it.

There were lots of UpDate mis-representations.

When I suggested that The List (as visitors there like to be called) access a NASA archive I provided the URL to for an extensive catalog of balloon flights by the military from the 1940s onward – to see what balloons (not Mogul) were in the air over Roswell in 1947 and Socorro in 1964 – The List went berserk.

I was asked to provide the balloon launches for The List. After all I was suggesting something about Roswell and Socorro that didn’t sit well with the ET advocates which dominated UpDates in the middle of the 2000 decade.

Richard Hall sent me a note saying, “You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t…”

He and I had had a previous e-mail dialogue about my 1950s NICAP membership.

I had shown him two signatures that okayed my membership. I asked him if they were authentic Keyhoe signatures. One was. The other, Mr. Hall told me, was created by Donald Keyhoe’s secretary.

We maintained a back-and-forth, which got even stronger after Errol Bruce-Knapp inadvertently, he said, let a missive from Wendy Connors about me show up on the UpDate roster one day.

Connors reported, errantly I can tell you, that I was King of the Fairies in Fort Wayne, Indiana….a homophobic slur that wasn’t true, although the idea of being a king of something was gratifying in a way.

Bruce-Knapp was apologetic as hell, but Richard Hall was livid, writing that I should sue UpDates, Connors, and Bruce-Knapp.

The gay thing was not new. I was and am sympathetic to homosexuals and wrote my thesis on homosexuality and Freudian attributes for college.

Richard Hall was even more kind and helpful after that episode.

He didn’t like many on The List. He did like and respect Paul Kimball however, very much so actually.

He had some dire financial problems ass he neared death, and my corporation, InterAmerica, Inc. allowed me to send him some money.

He was effusive with thanks, but died shortly thereafter.

He has a UFO compendium that is second to none: The UFO Evidence.

Yes, he was a curmudgeon. But he was kind to me, and a dear friend.

There are few in the UFO community who have the cachet and integrity of Richard Hall.

I still miss his supportive e-mails and UFO insights.


UFOs:In the Navy....

Copyright 2013, InterAmerica, Inc.


UFO buffs an “researchers” have always and still continue to place the United States Air Force into the UFO mix, as an integral part of the phenomenon’s mystery, which UFOers see as exacerbated by cover-up(s) and machinations of various kinds to flummox seekers of a UFO explanation.

But I have maintained for a very long time now that it’s the United States Navy which is the keeper of the UFO keys.


The Navy’s Skyhook Projects caused many UFO sightings, especially the Mantell episode, but what was and is Skyhook exactly? Balloons gathering data with their tethered instrument capsules and boxes?

Or was Skyhook and its related code-named operations more than that?

B. D. Gildenberg, in an article for the Skeptical Enquirer, The Cold War’s Classified Skyhook Program: A Participant’s Revelations, Volume 28.3, May / June 2004 presented an overview of the Navy’s balloon projects (and those also of the Air Force, including those that were part of the Roswell incident).

I have outlined the Moby Dick Project, here and at the RRRGroup blog, early on.

Gildenberg’s article notes the Moby Dick Project and all the other attendant Projects in play during the late 40s, into the 50s, and right up to today:

Gopher, Grayback, Moby Dick Hi, Gentrix, Grandson, and Flying Cloud WS-124A, all Top Secret.

He cites “an excellent book by historian Curtis Peebles (Peebles 1991)” on the matter of balloons and Soviet penetration by them.

But the clue to what the Navy (and concomitantly the U.S. Air Force) were really doing with the Skyhook balloons remains to be investigated by UFO researchers.

A thorough research of balloon flights, near Roswell in 1947, as I have already placed online here and elsewhere, help to define the confusion within the Roswell incident; that is the Mac Brazel Foster Ranch debris collection, which has nothing to do with what happened at Roswell but is a diversion, caused by inept UFO researches and the Air Force to keep citizens from what really happened east of the Foster Ranch and north of Roswell in 1947.

That aside, the secret balloon projects may explain Socorro – may – as Skyhook explains the Mantell episode, which has been amply clarified by Kevin Randle.

So my UFO gumshoe friends, here are some names of balloon projects that allow you to male connections to noted UFO sightings.

But more importantly, the search for Navy documents and activities might tell you what UFOs really are, and that the Navy has a major clue.

Their balloons have told them.