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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Again -- A Socorro Explanation?

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A while back I was asked for some supplemental information for our suggestion that Lonnie Zamora's 1964 Socorro sighting was a prosaic (Howard Hughes) test procedure, gone astray.

Hughes was testing moon landers and satellite launchers, under the rubric of the CIA's cover industry. Raven Industries in the 1964 Socorro time-frame.. (There are a number of pieces by me/us about this online here and at our RRRGroup blog.)

There are two patent requests that I couldn't find when asked about this a few months back, but here they are now (from P.E. Yost, for Hughes Toolco/Aircaft):

Our conjecture is merely that, a conjecture, that, for us, is plausible, if one considers that certain aspects of the 1964 mishap (in Socorro), mistaken by Officer Zamora were somewhat different than what is represented here; that is, the Hughes/Raven configuration that ended up on the Socorro desert floor was modified from what the patent drawings here show -- but the essential configuration remains intact.

This is a consideration, not a proof, of course..


The Computer UFO Network

A truly valuable online resource for UFO buffs is the Computer UFO Network which has this "mission statement":

CUFON is dedicated to providing a free, 24-hour, public source of reliable, verifiable information. Since 1983, CUFON has been renowned as one of the few sources of excellent information on this phenomenon, as well as being a pioneer in the electronic media UFO information field.

We strive to present material relating to UFO phenomena and the search for UFO-related government documents obtained through official channels in a fair and accurate manner.

The primary sources of both information and support for this web site are those individuals who have done quality work in investigating, reporting and studying this phenomenon. Information provided here may come from a variety of sources and we strive to give credit where it is due.

While perusing the site -- http://www.cufon.com/ -- I found this strange item: The Flying Saucer poem. (The CUFON people are also intrigued by the 1950 poetic effort which may be found HERE.)

CUFON writes this about it:

It’s unclear why this poem "The Flying Saucer" appears in the March 1950 history of the 27th Fighter Group, Bergstrom Air Force Base, Texas, but it does.

There are a plethora of other UFO items that UFO newbies, and some oldies, would do well to access.

They will add to one's fundamental knowledge about UFOs.