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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Study of UFOs


UFOs are a peripheral phenomenon within human life, but it is also an obsession for some and an annoyance for others.

Visitors here come from the obsessed crowd and the annoyed crowd.

Some understand UFOs to be intrinsically extraneous to practical human existence but enjoy the phenomenon as a curiosity, as a kind of hobby.

And there are ways to look at the phenomenon that eludes those annoyed by the mystery.

Bruce Duensing (and PurrlGurrl while silent lately) think studying Roswell is a total waste of time.

However, Roswell, even though incapable of providing a UFO explanation it seems, is grist for attention.

The alleged 1947 incident remains open to scrutiny, as questions remain about what exactly happened that summer.

Just as chroniclers continue to look at events in history or astronomers and physicists look back at the origin of the Universe, those fascinated by the minor enigma of UFOs hark back to old UFO sightings.

It’s a hobby, as I’ve noted.

Mr. Duensing, and others, would wish those who see value in old events to shut up.

They are annoyed that others find the topic of old flying saucer accounts interesting.

Bruce and his compatriots would censure or censor chroniclers of old UFO sightings.

This, I’ve called elsewhere, is the fascistic approach.

For those who see Roswell as a useless mythology – Gilles Fernandez -- seem to forget that the study of a mythology can be interesting and even beneficial in many ways, toward understanding the human condition.

Mythologists, such as Carl Jung. Mircea Eliade, and Joseph Campbell, made it their life to study the myths of the past.

While Roswell may not compare to the Greek gods or the Indian pantheon, it does contain elements that clarify, somewhat, how mankind goes about creating its truths.

Embedded in older UFO sightings may be clues as to what UFOs are.

Although Ken Arnold’s sighting, Roswell, Aztec, the Hills abduction, and many others have been filtered by a myriad of scavengers, there remains, possibly, a residue of data or information which may prove to be enlightening in a number of ways.

Roswell is an event composed of several areas of interest such as how people come to remember, how the news media works, how the military operates, et cetera,

Trying to censure those of us interested in Roswell, even as goofy as that may be, strikes me as pathologically controlling.

If some people don’t wish to read about Roswell or other old UFO sightings, they need merely to shun blogs such as this.

If David Rudiak wants to conjecture about Roswell or the Ramey memo, let him.

Who are we to deny him his attentive research?

Kevin Randle’s Dream Team aggravates many. But why? Is the Team wasting the time or monies of others?

Lance Moody, CDA, and Gilles would curb Mr. Randle and his colleague if they could, stating that Roswell is a lie, a myth, or a confabulated hoax.

So what if it is? As noted above, there is value in studying Roswell from a number of angles or disciplines.

What is this fascistic need to keep us, here, from pursuing a topic that has interested since our childhood?

Yes, UFOs are peripheral to the practical life and the topic has ruined some lives by taking hold of a person’s life or livelihood.

But the freedom to be obsessed or stupid is granted to all.

Hoping that the silly among us will behave according to the dictates of those needing to control or small society, rubs me the wrong way.

So, let us behave and think openly, allowing those with whom we part ways, to have their fun and interests ,without strictures that try to compress thought, no matter how nutty that thought seems to be.

Is that too much to ask?