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Friday, May 03, 2013

The Skeptical Arguments for the 1947 Roswell Crashed Saucer Scenario

This paper by Kent Jeffrey appeared in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 79± 101, 1998:


The content below is Mr. Jeffrey's concluding remarks. It sums up the major arguments of those skeptical of the Roswell Crashed Saucer story.

(I've placed in italics one of Christopher Allan's [CDA] primary objection to the Roswell story.)

The paper, in its entirety is erudite and splendidly sensible. Those interested, who have not seen it, would do well to read it. If necessary, we can put a link to it online here.


Any complete and reasonable response by those who still contend that a UFO crashed at Roswell in 1947 will need to directly address the points below, each of which would have to be a true statement if such a crash occurred:

· A machine with unimaginable technological sophistication and consequent incredible reliability would have simply broken down and crashed.

· The only known wreckage from this sophisticated vehicle, capable of interstellar travel, would have consisted solely of a few short beams, pieces of foil-like material, and small pieces of thin plastic-like material.

· By incredible coincidence, the material from the crashed spaceship would have very closely resembled the material left by the radar reflectorsfrom a balloon array that went down in the same general area a few weeks earlier.

· Despite the fact that this would have been the most spectacular event in recorded history, and despite the fact that  word was already out that something had happened (because of Lt. Haut’s press release), there was absolutely no  contemporary discussion or talk about such an earthshaking event among the pilots and navigators of the close-knit 509th Bomb Group.

· West Point graduate and retired general Thomas Dubose, would have to have lied nine times in an interview when he stated that the debris (definitely that from an ML-307 radar reflector) shown in the pictures in Ramey’s off ice was not substituted material and was the ª real debrisº recovered from the ranch northwest of Roswell.

· Major General C. P. Cabell, Director of Intelligence for the Air Force at the Pentagon, who prepared a report on the unidentified flying object situation for the Secretary of Defense, astoundingly, would have been preparing the report totally ignorant of the fact that the Air Force was in possession of a crashed flying saucer.

· Three retired Air Force colonels, all former top officials at the Foreign Technology Division at Wright Patterson Air Force base would have been lying to me unnecessarily wasting inordinate amounts of their own personal time in a protracted game of charades.

We have now gotten to the heart of the story and established that the debris recovered from the Foster ranch and laid out on the Marcel kitchen floor was, except for some unusual symbols, of a very mundane nature. The following should then be asked of those still arguing the issue: How do you get a crashed alien spaceship out of such ordinary debris? What basis is there now for postulating the existence of a crashed UFO.?