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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beam Spewing UFOs: What’s the point?

This is an image from the 1955 movie This Island Earth:


We think it was the inspiration for this alleged 1966 Wanaque UFO shot, which we’ve addressed here, trying to determine if it is a real photo or a fake. (Tony Bragalia insists that it is authentic, but hasn’t proved that; we think it’s a contrived photo, but haven’t proved that either):


This is one of the hoaxed Gulf Breeze photos:


This is one of the art works supposedly showing a UFO or flying disk sending down a beam highlighting an iconographic religious moment:


This is another (reworked) piece of art, depicting a flying disk beaming another iconic religious event:


This is an Egyptian image indicating rays (or beams) from Akhenaten’s monotheistic divinity (depicted as an egg-shaped flying object):


The Vallee/Aubeck book, Wonders in the Sky, has a significant number of reports from man’s earliest writings (and drawings) right up to modern times indicating that beams of light have been seen many, many times emanating from unusual flying objects or aerial phenomena.

This YouTube video alleges to show a UFO (star-like light) shooting beams downward to the ground.

 (We think Tony Bragalia has used it in one of his blog postings.)


Gilles Fernandez provides Kentaro Mori's web-site which concludes this about the video image:

the beams were “simply pixel blooming or bleeding. It occurs when sources of light exceed the full well capacity (the electron-holding capacity) of the pixels on which they are being recorded. As a light-gathering pixel exceeds its capacity to hold captured photons, the excess energy spills over into the adjacent pixel (or pixels, if the second pixel also fills to its capacity). This spillover, called “blooming,” produces a spike of light.”


Our question is, what would be the purpose of beams shooting from UFOs, in fiction or supposed reality?

In the YouTube video the beams or rays are so fractional that they are virtually useless for anything we can imagine.

(In the religious art, we see the beams/rays as a device highlighting, accenting a supposedly significant event, but that’s art, not life.)

The Gulf Breeze photos used beans as an accoutrement to authenticate the hoaxed photos we think.

The Wanaque photo did likewise. (Why would UFOs beam lights down to the waters of Wanaque Reservoir? To see the water, or to extract fish or water from the reservoir? Possibilities, but incomprehensible ones.)

Yet, the clustered reports in Wonders….indicate that beams or rays from aerial craft or phenomena have been seen and recorded hundreds of times over man’s history.

Beams or rays of light shooting to earth from UFOs are as meaningless as the appearance of UFOs themselves.

Why is this?