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Sunday, April 07, 2013

The only UFO sighting/event that affected Human Destiny

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In the whole of the UFO and UFO-like litany of sightings and events, there is only one that has affected human evolution or social evolution: the 312 A.D. appearance of a flaming cross during a battle near the Roman Milvian (or Mulvian) Bridge.

That sighting, by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, helped establish the Holy Roman Catholic Church or religion, which controlled the lives and activities of Western civilization’s humankind, up until the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

While UFO enthusiasts think that Roswell or Kenneth Arnold’s iconic flying saucer sighting of 1947 are important or purposeful in the human scheme of things, neither are.

No UFO or flying saucer related activity has caused a ripple in the ongoing movement of mankind, forward or backward; that is, no UFO event or sighting has been or is relevant to what happens inside the human continuum – except for that 312 sighting of Constantine’s.

But who or what precipitated that sighting?

In our God Game thesis or The Divine Matrix hypothesis, one can ascribed the sighting to the gods (or God if you wish), or to a natural, intelligent physical force that has worked within the Earth’s evolutionary cycles from the beginning.

Or was it a perverse insert by that which some UFO mavens wrongfully name the Trickster – a designation we find egregiously ignorant and woefully unimaginative.

That it was a game ploy by the demonic side of the divine being – the Evil side of God as Jung would have it?

Or was it a salvational prop from God as religious types believe? (We are open to the possibility.)

In the God Game. UFOs are irrelevant, but are present, as sidebars or footnotes of an inconsequential kind.

We’ll deploy our thinking on the matter as we go along here….