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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cuban Cave Art -- a link to the past and future?


Although I often excoriate UFO UpDates for its slovenly format and useless lister dreck, one sometimes comes across a link or bit that is genuinely interesting.

And that was the case here.

A link to an essay by Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo for the MIAMI UFO CENTER about Cuban cave art (and more) provides conjecture that, despite potential reservations by some, will entrance others, as it did me.

Click HERE to read Senor Sanchez-Ocejo's offering.

The image above comes from the essay, and is a 3-D rendering of a drawing that seems to show a flying machine cruising over a pyramid.

Whether that is the case or not isn't important, particularly.

What's important is that someone thinks through an image or a document, providing a new, possibly unique view of the thing.

That's what hypotheses are for and what we should be doing when it comes to the UFO phenomenon, which is so bizarre that any hypothetical suggestion cannot and should not be dismissed out of hand.

Nothing is impossible......improbable perhaps, but not impossible.