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Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Stork and the Real MJ-12 Group


David Ritchie, in his book UFO: The Definitive Guide to Unidentified Flying Objects and Related Phenomena [MJF Books, NY, 1994, Page 157], reminds readers that Jacques Vallee discovered a memorandum in J. Allen Hynek’s files from a man whom Vallee tagged as Pentacle.

The memorandum indicated that a sub rosa group – government instigated? – was engaged in a large-scale analysis of UFOs well before the Robertson Panel, which the “secret group” wanted cancelled or postponed.

The Robertson Panel was unaware, apparently, of the “secret group’s” work.

Ritchie writes that “The memo also referred to a mysterious ‘Project Stork.’”

Internet links (via Google) about Project Stork include these:

And another from Philip Coppens:

In what little material and notes from Stork provides resides references that will help UFO buffs with Roswell and early UFO/flying disc events.

And that secret pre-Robertson Panel group was what MJ-12 was all about, except that MJ-12 was a bogus configuration, hoping to point UFO researchers to the early secret analytical group but ineffective as UFO aficionados didn't get the hint or purpose and got sidetracked by a desire to prove MJ-12 fraudulent, which it was, but it's intent was otherwise. 

(More about that upcoming.)