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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The real question about the Trent/McMinnville photos

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We’ve addressed this before, but because of the current imbroglio about Tony Bragalia’s thesis that farmer Paul Trent concocted – faked/hoaxed – his iconic 1950 flying disk photos. Let me raise the issue again.

Here are a few photos of farmer Trent from a batch of photos that David Rudiak found and provided to those embroiled in the Bragalia brouhaha:


Note how Paul Trent took pictures or had to, because of the viewfinder on his new camera.

Now if we take the scenario that his wife spotted the UFO and called to him to see it or retrieve his camera to get a picture, one has to conclude that the disk was flying rather slowly, cruising, as it were.

If it was traveling at a speed that one imagines flying saucers, of the period (1950) flew at – something in the pre-jet range that Ken Arnold and his supporters provided for his sighting of nine disks near Mt. Rainier -- it is impossible for Mrs. Trent to see the object, call out to her husband, and he able to take two shots, using the viewfinder on his camera, as pictured above.

The disk would have been hanging in mid-air for this to play out as it has been pictured and presented.

Here are the two photos:



Why is the “saucer” still in view?

It’s lollying in the sky.

The who took the photos and why is still open to debate, but I ask why an alleged flying saucer waited around to have a visual and two photos of it taken?

Something doesn’t add up here, for me.

The issue of the possible fakery of the Trent photos has gotten sidetracked by the allegation that a photo of Trent’s son on a ladder bespeaks a set-up for the hoax that Tony Bragalia alleges.

Lance Moody’s submission of the photos from a separate roll than that in which the Trent disk appears seems to end that controversy.

But it doesn’t end the possibility that Paul Trent created a bogus flying saucer photo, does it?