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Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Paranormal Equation


This book, by James D. Stein, Ph.D., is published by New Page Books, a division of Career Press, Inc, Pompton Plains, NJ. It sells for $16.99, and can be had at online and offline bookstores.

You can read about it at http://www.newpagebooks.com or http://www.careerpress.com

The author is a mathematician and teaches same at a California University.

I wanted to extol this book as it takes a rational, math-oriented view of various paranormal topics and experiences (ESP, numerology, astrology, et cetera) along with observations -- false and true -- about scientific matters: quantum mechanics, the nature of the Universe, physics (generally), et cetera.

But I'm only half-way through it, and stifled by the bloggy approach.

I need something more academic or stuffy. (Sorry)

But some here might find it worthwhile. It's an easy read, and fraught with little-known material about scientists, mathematical models, and the shady side of the paranormal world.

It's got more than $16.99 worth of valuable insights and information.

If you like math -- and who doesn't -- and a skeptical stance on paranormal topics, this book will be worth your money and time.

(UFOs and alien abductions are not treated seriously, premised as weird but not amenable to real scrutiny.)

Grab the book if your wont is that the paranormal is goofy but subject to scientific examination; the supernatural not as far-fetched as one might think -- many scientists being attracted to the topics one finds in the supernatural lexicon.


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