UFO Conjectures

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ufology is dying and ufologists with it


A few of our regular visitors have noted that the UFO phenomenon no longer grabs their interest.

They, as one regular put it, are indifferent to UFOs and related matters.

The death of “prominent” UFO mavens this year -- with more to come by years end -- will decimate the moribund UFO topic.

UFO Updates is in trouble.

The Paracast’s Gene Steinberg was evicted from his home, but continues to operate out of a hotel, he told us the last time he filled us in during another plea for help/money from the UFO crowd. Paracast is tainted.

The aging UFO researchers are either ill or near-death, many divorced and struggling to maintain a UFO identity, but without cachet any longer or credibility.

Younger UFO enthusiasts have moved on, to other activities, and a more wholesome life.

And the really young UFO hobbyists just don’t exist. UFOs are an icky item for them.

While UFOs continue to be seen – or so we’re told – they no longer thrill nor have relevance for those with good minds and common sense.

We’ll continue to rattle on here for a while, but even we – and this oldster – will have to forsake UFOs for things pertinent to life as it is in 2013 and beyond, as we’re doing with our web-sites and blogs outside the UFO arena.