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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How would you interpret this image?

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This is one of the images from Barrier Canyon, Utah sent to us from Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca.

We addressed other Canyon images in the previous post. We thought we’d conjecture with this particular image by asking how you might interpret its meaning.

An Ancient Astronaut aficionado might see a shaman (the figure on the left) with the antler-like horns being “coached” by an extraterrestrial (the figure on the right) with antennae on a helmet.

That an extraterrestrial visitor would have or need antennae like that used by Earthians doesn’t trouble AA advocates,

But an ET alien incorporating a device that is very likely unique to Earth and the evolution of how broadcast signals are sent and received on Earth, from human invention, is a SciFi  induced anthropomorphism.

However, the imaged Shaman has hands with digits. The other (alien) figure has no hands or very small, undefined hands, which has been mentioned by UFO witnesses who’ve allegedly seen bodies or creatures associated with flying saucers or UFOs.

The alien image also has a small box on its helmeted head, and an elongated amulet (held by a chain) or a vertical marking on its chest.

There is also indication of genitalia for the alien being.

There is a star, prominently placed above the heads of the two figures.

The Shaman’s horns are typical of other drawings of Shamans or primitive chiefs.

The alien beings “horns” (or antennae) are straight, unbent. No animal horns are so straight or unbent.

Then there is that box or square, with a marking or cut in its middle-topside.

What does it represent?

Anyway, what’s your anthropological or AA take on this imagery?