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Friday, September 07, 2012

UFOs: Living in the past (A nostalgic regression)


My previous posting about obsessional ufology needs a supplement, and it’s this…

While many UFO mavens are addicted, detrimentally, to the study of UFOs, there are many others who, like me, aren’t neurotically connected to the phenomenon but who use UFOs as a nostalgic retreat to a seemingly better, former time.

The clue for this resides in my observation that quite a few of my personal contacts in the UFO field are slavish about songs or music that derives from an earlier period in their lives; they need to showcase old songs or music that reminds them of their youth or, at least, a more desirous time in their former years.

Some of those so inclined include our own Anthony Bragalia, Gilles Fernandez, Frank Stalter, David Biedny, Paul Kimball, and a few others.

These fellows surfeit the internet with their favorite music, and it’s rarely a classical piece or contemporary number. It’s invariably something from the late 1970s or 1980s.

They also, like me, feel a nostalgic reverberation about old UFO sightings: Arnold’s, Roswell, Socorro, RB-47, Rendlesham, or the Hill case.

The Hill case ,and others form the 50s or early 60s resonate with UFO geezers: Stanton Friedman, Jerry Clark, CDA, me.

The earliest  UFO incidents also attract the UFO aficionados, but only insofar as precursors to their later interest in UFOs. (They hardly ever refer to flying saucers. That’s an old person’s sobriquet. UFOs belong to Boomers and newbies.)

The point is that some of us, who aren’t so distilled by UFOs that we’ve given up real life to scratch that obsessional itch, still like the comfy cozy nature of old UFO tales, many of which tickled us when we were teenagers or younger persons.

The need to surround ourselves with music from the past adds to the nostalgic ambiance we seek as middle age or old age creeps up on us.

So, UFOs seem to serve as a side-track for many of us – some more seriously than others, as noted earlier here.

But still, UFOs are the underlying cause of a dereliction to life, as it really is and as it really should be lived.

(Also, why so many uncultured blokes in the UFO community?  Rock music instead of  Beethoven? It’s despairing.)