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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

UFOs: Project Bear?


A Britannica Library Research Service paper I received in the late 1950s about Flying Saucers contained in its run-down of the history of flying saucer/UFO projects of the United States military, in a section about the demise of Project Grudge and the beginning of Project Blue Book, this:

“To get all of this information on balloons, aircraft, astronomical bodies, and what have you, I [person quoted not named] had to co-ordinate Project Blue Book’s operational plan with the Air Force’s Air Weather Service, Flight Service, Research and Development Command, and Air Defense Command with the Navy’s Office of Naval Research, and the aerology [sic] branch of the Bureau of Aeronautics; and with the Civil Aeronautics Administration, Bureau of Standards, several astronomical observatories, and our own Project Bear….” [Page 7]

This paragraph seems to have been taken from “Unidentified Flying Objects – Project Grudge” Technical Report No. 102-AC-49/15-100 (known as The Grudge Report).

What caught my eye was that last reference to Project Bear….(the four dots not a real ellipsis but perhaps used to curtail the full name of the Project….Project Bear something-or-other or it was just Project Bear.

There was a geomagnetic project called Bear in the later 90s and early part of the 2000 years, but that is surely not what was referenced in the Grudge segment provided by Britannica.

Does anyone know anything about Project Bear, and what it had to do with Unidentified Flying Objects?