UFO Conjectures

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A few things, about this 1996 news item....


A "professor" (and UFO investigator) deigns that alien abductions are caused by memory remnants of birth.


The professor, Alvin Lawson, is (or was) an English professor, so he has some UFO cachet, right?

And his experiment utilized hypnosis; a good thing, right?

The possibility that "alien abductions" are caused by residual birth memories or trauma can't be ruled out...


...but cachet by authority -- the idea offered by a professor  -- is flawed. His credentials lie in some subset of   English literature, not psychology or neurology, or even medicine.

This is how media has caused havoc with UFO topics.

And note the in-set story -- about panic in Spain -- during a promotion of the movie Independence Day.

Media has a lot to answer for.

It's not just UFO nuts who have caused cracks in the UFO story, but mindless media constructs.