UFO Conjectures

Monday, July 16, 2012

What are UFOs looking for?

Sensible persons know that flying saucers and/or UFOs have been reconnoitering the Earth for millennia.

But why?

What are UFOs looking for?

Sure, they’ve gathered water and soil samples if witness accounts can be accepted. And some say they’ve accumulated animal parts, even human beings (temporarily it seems).

But there is no definitive proof or indication showing that UFOs are collecting or actually surveilling anything.

Even the scrutiny of military bases and nuclear facilities, amply documented by Robert Hastings, has been benign….for years now.

And Vallee’s conjecture that UFOs may just be seeking attention suggests an alien psychopathology.

UFO researchers – I use the term loosely – and UFO buffs might discern a pattern in UFO sightings and alleged landings if they (the mavens) really put their minds to it.

But UFO followers are attracted to the sensationalized aspects of UFO sightings, with the modus being overlooked pretty much.

There may be or should be a common factor (or two) in UFO sightings but where are the forensics?

Is there a purpose – even an eternal, long, very long, range purpose -- for the UFO surveys of the Earth?

Are UFOs just a bevy of visiting alien constructs, with nothing to do, other than observe a gaudy planet that houses a panoply of beings who live, struggle, and die, with little to show for their existence: a kind of burlesque that UFOs find entertaining or fascinating in some extraterrestrial, obtuse way?

And why don’t obsessed UFO quidnuncs try to find out why their obsessional interest plies us with a mysterious presence, and has done so for all of human history?

Why are UFOs here? What do they want, if anything?

Or are UFOs just a mindless phenomenon – a gross mental aberration of humankind over the years? A collective, imagined figment of mankind?