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Monday, July 09, 2012

The "God Particle" Explained (Not exactly)

Touch Mengheng explains (apparently) the Higgs Boson or "God Particle."

Click HERE for that "explanation"

Ufological Folly!

A New Yorker piece in the July 2nd issue about Editors and Publishers by John McPhee -- a wonderful piece -- had a paragraph telling what former NY editor William Shawn required his writers to consider when writing a fact piece:

"How do you know?" "How would you know?" "How can you possibly know that?"

Those questions should be at the forefront of everything written about UFOs.

But reading Kevin Randle's take on the recent Roswell Festival, one recognizes that "ufology" no longer is a research process but, rather, has become a vehicle for camaraderie and social interaction: a milieu of false companionship and inane mental stimulation.

The questions posed by William Shawn are not part of the UFO oeuvre, if they ever were.

And that UFO buffs would drag their long-suffering wives to such folly -- as the Roswell Festival or to a Socorro site, as David Rudiak did, is grounds for marital insensitivity, at least.

What fools these mortals be....as Shakespeare notes in his Midsummer Night's Dream.