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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Bell-Shaped UFOs -- long gone.....

Official UFO magazine’s November 1975 issue (pictured above) was fraught with some interesting material including a Phil Klass explanation of why he didn’t accept some “famous” UFO events/photographs: the Trent-McMinnville photos and the Heflin photos.

The Rand Corporation UFO document was almost interesting; a bit superficial but supplemental for those who’ve studied the “document.”

I found a piece by Wendelle Stevens, about Bell-shaped UFOs that had been photographed from Adamski’s right up into the 1970s, intriguing [Page 34 ff.]:
The article was replete with photos of bell-shaped UFOs:

But what happened to such accounts and the accompanying photos?

Why did people stop seeing bell-shaped UFOs? Why they did they stop photographing them? And why did they stop hoaxing them?

The Adamski-like flying saucers started to look dated, surely, so that might be one possibility for the demise of such UFO accounts.

But was not one of the bell-shaped sightings or photographs real, an authentic observation of a real craft with the bell-shaped configuration?

If all the sightings and/or photos were fraudulent, as was Adamski’s, why did the hoaxers predilect that configuration? Did they think that was what “actual” flying saucers or UFOs looked like?

Or were some flying saucers and UFOs actually bell-shaped for a period of time, just as the 1890s UFOs were airship-shaped?

And speaking of UFO shapes, why the dearth of UFOs with a shape like that observed and drawn by Kenneth Arnold?

Few sightings and no photographs that I've seen assume the Arnold-shaped UFOs. (The Rhoades photos, in the same time-frame as the Arnold sighting, are somewhat similar, but not like Arnold's drawing, obviously, nor are any other sightings or drawings like Arnold's, which seems to have been a singular event. )

The various configurations of UFOs over the years seem intrinsic to the mystery.

The transmogrification of flying saucers, during the modern era, has something to do with the enigma perhaps.

That aside, the Stevens’ exgesis of the bell-shaped UFOs in the magazine is the kind of analytical evaluation that is rare in UFO circles nowadays.

That's why "ufology" is dead or dying......