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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Roswell’s “Flying Disk”?

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Two asides in a New Yorker article [5/14/2012, Here’s Looking at You by Nick Paumgarten, Page 48] allows for this conjecture perhaps…

“Archytas of Tarentum reputedly designed a steam powered mechanical pigeon in the fourth century B.C….

The actor Reginald Denny, a First World War ace and model-plane enthusiast, designed remote-piloted target drones for the United States Army in anticipation of the Second World War (he eventually sold the business to Northrop)…”
What if one of Denny’s “secret” remote flying drones (U.A.V.), being tested by the Army near Roswell, in 1947 crashed and was what Mac Brazel came across, which caused the Haut release of a “flying disk” capture?

The “drone” would have had secret or top secret classification, would it not, to keep the Russians from getting their hands on the thing?

And the Army would have gone out of its way to cover-up the details and the debris from the drone’s crash, wouldn’t it?

Roswell’s “Dream Team” might do well to check out the Denny drone creations and the testing protocols in place in the 1947 time-frame.

It’s an item worthy of investigation, isn’t it?