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Friday, May 04, 2012

Flying Saucers/UFOs devolve into a bad mythology

Flying Saucers/UFOs devolve into a bad mythology

The flying saucer heyday ended in the early sixties, and UFOs have moved into that ephemeral realm of do they exist/did they exist.

The early flying saucer tales had meat on the bone. After the Hill’s “abduction” and a few other abduction accounts (Pascagoula, Walton), UFOs entered the fringe arena, morphing into things that assumed a quasi-malevolence or bizarre interaction that made no sense to rational minds.

Today UFOs show up as news particles without substance (meat or otherwise) so UFO buffs are left with reminiscing about the golden days of flying saucer/UFO lore.

The phenomenon (or phenomena) has come to rest in the literature created by it and about it.

There are no teeth in current UFO reports. The things cited today as UFOs are mere shadows of the former reported upon and elucidated objects (or, rather, things) seen and sometimes touched.

Events like those enumerated by Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca no longer happen (or are not reported if they do).

What UFO buffs are left with are the stories of old, the patina of extraterrestrial visitation or a phenomenon with substance.

A mythology has ensued but it is a bad mythology, because the germ of the mythology was besmirched by bad story-tellers from the outset of the flying saucer/UFO era, when writers and chroniclers of the phenomenon hacked away at it, destroying the mystique.

The shards of past UFO tales have become encrusted by interpretations that are sour and devoid of mystery.

Those trying to create a scientific mantle are without acumen to do so. And those who wish to imbue UFOs with something uncharacteristically Earthian – an alien overlay, as it were, are not able to pull off the transformation.

UFOs as they were are no more.

They are remnants of a past enigma that once had intriguing cachet.

And that past intrigue is muddied by the regurgitation of sloppy interpretation and evaluation.

It’s not the reports that are remiss but the handling of them by government, militaries, and bad, unthinking, non-creative writers (researchers).

The mythology, like the saucer and UFO reports themselves, has been botched beyond any kind of redemption.

And so, UFOs sink into a kind of collective remission or calcified memory, at least for those who recognize when a fad (or mystery) has run its course…