UFO Conjectures

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Tim Printy

UFO researcher and skeptical guy, Tim Printy, has been beleaguered by David Rudiak and Stanton Friedman because he (Mr. Printy) has had the chutzpah to challenge some of their work and ideas.

He has challenged a few of our ill-conceived insertions here also.

But we like Tim Printy.

He's brilliant and self-effacing when necessary.

When ideas about UFOs are thrown out, they always bring opprobrium if they challenge the UFO orthodoxy.

And the opprobrium can be vicious, as it was recently at UFO UpDates, by David Rudiak, regarding Tim Printy.

The UFO topic is innately bizarre. Hypotheses about UFOs have to be bizarre also, by the very nature of the phenomenon (or phenomena, if you will).

Tim Printy, like Robert Sheaffer, go after orthodox ufology in ways that deconstruct bad thinking; this makes the bad thinkers angry.

Thus they lash out.

This is just a short note to say that we support all heterodox thinkers: Printy, Sheaffer, Caravaca, et al.

May they thrive for a very long time....