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Monday, March 26, 2012

Kenneth Arnold's Distorted Experience?

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Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca finds a January 1947 magazine article [Popular Science] about Northrop Aircraft’s new Flying Wing, and proposes that the article may have stimulated Kenneth Arnold’s iconic sighting of June 24th, 1947, within the parameters of Señor Caravaca’s Distortion Theory.



We, the RRRGroup, have postulated, in the past here, that Arnold very likely saw a Navy prototypical jet airplane flight.


Jose Caravaca raises the issue of a chimerical sighting, however.

Whatever Kenneth Arnold saw, the configurations of his seen “flying saucers” rarely showed up afterward, in the immediate time-frame, but did appear in witness reports after this drawing appeared in news media:


The mind-induced explanation for some UFO sightings isn’t meant to castigate all UFO sightings, but can be applied to those where strange entities appear and act out bizarre scenarios.

The UFO phenomenon (or more correctly: phenomena) has always gotten short shrift from UFO researchers and investigators, and that lapse continues today. But a new breed of UFO aficionados are attempting to provide cold-case forensics to sightings (new and old) to see what may explain the ongoing enigma.

Jose Caravaca’s Distortion Theory – outlined at his blog, The Caravaca Files – is an interesting hypothesis. And we are open to other hypotheses, if they are presented in an academic manner, footnoted and fleshed out with examples and test protocols.