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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Socorro Symbol [Redux]

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Do you find the Socorro Insignia/Symbol -- either the right one or the wrong one -- seen and drawn by Lonnie Zamora in the depiction above?

The symbol plays a part in the alleged hoax scenario and the real nature of Lonnie Zamora's sighting.

And it also factors into UFO sightings across the board which, to the dismay of the ETH addicts, will explain some important UFO events and sightings.


The Intersect of UFOs, Myth, Religion, and Metaphysics

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While there is, arguably, an intrusion of a phenomenon, UFOs, that intersects with mythological tales, religious origins, and metaphysics generally, we have always maintained that the intrusion of the phenomenon has been negligible.

That is, the phenomenon may have created gods or heroic figures, and ideas of other worlds (or heavens) but it didn’t create the tenets of belief (the moral fixtures or behavioral attributes) and it didn’t establish templates for action or life via the fables coming down to us in the form of mythological tales.

Moral thought sprung up in Egypt according to Egyptologist James Henry Breasted (noted in Jeffry Abt’s new book, American Egyptologist).

And moral precepts derived from human thought (Hammurabi, Moses, Buddha, et al.) without any intervention by extraterrestrial beings, or so the absence of them in ancient texts would indicate.

(Yes, Moses allegedly received the Ten Commandments from God, but the process as outlined in The Hebrew Bible and Old Testament lacks any hints of advanced technology so one can assume that Moses came up with his moral dictates from what he learned while in Egypt.)

Moreover, the metaphysical views of humankind are devoid of any reference to strange objects in the sky or on the ground.

The abstract nature of metaphysics undercuts any connection to UFOs in a tangible sense.

Metaphysical postulations are all over the place, so there isn’t one source for what lies in the ethereal realms as laid down by human thinkers in Egypt, India, Greece, or China during the early years of civilizational life.

The Greek myths outline human/god interactions that are so fraught with natural human flaws and behavior that UFO intervention is truly iffy, even though von Daniken argues otherwise in his book Odyssey of the Gods.

Skirting the arcane sightings of UFOs as listed by Aubeck and Vallee in Wonders in the Sky and still being pursued by Aubeck with his Magoniax colleagues, UFOs of the modern era are absolutely devoid of moral or religious precepts.

Coppens recent exegesis of the Fatima event shows that machinations by the Church had more to do with the apparitions detailed than any transcendental intervention, but Coppens still contends that UFOs account for the visions reported.

The Andreasson Affair, with its religious overtones is a contrivance so it’s dimissiable.

The Hill “abduction” presents a hint of cosmology, with that star map, but nothing profound came forth from Betty or Barney Hill, although I think they did have some kind of experience, real or neurological.

Other alleged UFO interactions – Pascagoula, Walton, et cetera – don’t have religious or metaphysical overtones or even subliminal undertones.

Modern UFO events have been devoid of attributes that some think infused ancient UFO accounts, and brought forth religions or moral constraints and templates for human behavior.

If there are moral precepts hidden in UFO events, past and present, no one has found them.

They are elusive, hidden or not there at all, which leads us to think UFOs are of a nature that has little or nothing to do with the evolution of human kind, spiritually.

So why persist in studying the phenomenon?

The purpose of life is to discern whom we are and why we have been conceived, is it not?

Or are we merely creatures of evolution, destined to live and die without purpose or meaning?

Whatever we, as humanity, are about, UFOs have nothing to do with us, in any meaningful way.

UFOs are phenomena that doesn’t intersect with us, morally, ethically, politically, economically, or in any other way that impacts us.

UFOs didn’t impact humanity in the past and doesn't today.

So why do we persist in giving UFOs a part of our short lives?

We should be seeking the meaning of life, should we not?

UFOs don’t help us with that.